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Here are the formulas of our loan

A) SPECIAL CLUB Formula - Available for BS - BG provinces

1. Coffee machine and hot drinks such professional

2. Capsules supply in 24/48 hours from the order.

3. Unlimited Warranty! No more queues, discontent, waste of time, and rip-offs for repairs and guarantees.

5. Express assistance on site and immediate replacement of the machine if necessary.

Supply of minimum 200 pods.

Minimum consumption of 4/5 drinks or a minimum of 100 months

Prices including VAT:

200 Black Bourbon coffee pods 55.00 (50.00 eu + VAT)

200 red Bourbon coffee pods 55.00 (50.00 eu + VAT)

200 blue Bourbon coffee pods 55.00 (50.00 eu + VAT)

200 Borbone gold or dek coffee pods 57.00 (51.82 eu + VAT)

Ki Borbone (100 glasses, 100 stirrers, 100 sugar): 3 eu + VAT

Contact us:

Belotti Distribution

Commercial referent

MarcoCell. 3347000610

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