• From the lands of Karnataka India is born, a mixture of spicy and fruity aromas, inspired by the scents of the local bazaars and by the flavor of caramel and cocoa for a trip. 10 capsules, intensity 10
  • The practical aluminum capsule best preserves the aromas of coffee, for an intense experience; caps compatible for Nespresso coffee machines, a coffee break in your home or at the bar
  • Espresso keeps all its essence for your break in the cup; a soft coffee that will envelop you with its aromatic notes
  • Each blend of L'OR coffee is grown with certified sustainable production methods, preserving nature and protecting the environment
  • Each cup of L'OR coffee represents a unique experience, a moment of pure and simple pleasure; intense, delicate and full-bodied flavors that will surprise your palat
  • Unit cost of 0.26 € per capsule

10 Aluminum capsules L'Or India compatible NESPRESSO [€ 0.26 / capsule]