The Arabics of Central-South America combined with a touch of Robusta from South-East Asia, give this blend body and roundness. The particular dark roasting combined with a shorter dispensing, typical of the tradition of the Italian Ristretto, enhance its balance and aromas, extracting only the best notes during the brewing phase. Capsules compatible with Nespresso® household machines *

A full-bodied coffee, for lovers of the authentic Italian Ristretto.

Unit cost of € 0.16 per capsule

COMPOSITION: Washed Arabica and Robusta
ORIGIN: Central and South America, South East Asia
VIEW: compact and dense dark cream
SMELL: Notes of caramel and chocolate
TASTE: balanced with slightly bitter body
AROMATIC NOTES: caramel and chocolate
INTENSITY: 11 very intense

100 Nespresso compatible Lavazza Ristretto coffee capsules [€ 0.16 / capsule]