The right balance between the percentage of Arabica quality and the percentage of Robusta quality, associated with a perfect degree of roasting as well as a right period of storage in the warehouse allows us to present our customers with an excellent blend in terms of taste, aroma and creaminess in mug. Blend of high-quality coffee, roasted, ground and packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Available in: pods, capsules.


Unit cost of € 0.14 per capsule

Compatible machines:
Kelly - Agostani
Como cup - Agostani
Little - Agostani
Maya - Agostani
Ep 2100 - Lavazza
El 3200 - Lavazza
Inox - Lavazza
Capsy SLG

LB1000 - Lavazza
Extra - Saeco
Ep850 - Lavazza
Lb 850 - Lavazza
Piccina - Saeco
Ep800 - Lavazza
Ep950 - Lavazza
Espresso and cappuccino - Lavazza
ECL 101 - Lavazza

100 black Borbone coffee capsules compatible ESPRESSO POINT [0,14 € / capsule]

Unit cost