Barley is a cereal that has a very high nutritional value rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, B vitamins, soluble fiber and is characterized by a low level of fat.
The beneficial properties of barley have been found since ancient times both as an anti-inflammatory and as an excellent digestive.
The diffusion in Italy is very wide especially for those who do not like to take caffeine also because the taste is very similar to classic espresso.
The Caffè Borbone Espresso D'orzo line is very creamy and very dense very similar to the blue blend and therefore for all coffee lovers who do not want to give up a good espresso this is the right compromise.

Soluble barley

Barley. May contain traces of milk and dairy products and soybeans.

One capsule for a small cup (about 50 ml). Increase or decrease the amount of water to taste.


Unit cost of € 0.14 per capsule


Compatible machines:

Ep lavazza mini
Kelly - Agostani
Como cup - Agostani
Little - Agostani
Maya - Agostani
Ep 2100 - Lavazza
El 3200 - Lavazza
Inox - Lavazza
Capsy SLG

LB1000 - Lavazza
Extra - Saeco
Ep850 - Lavazza
Lb 850 - Lavazza
Piccina - Saeco
Ep800 - Lavazza
Ep950 - Lavazza
Espresso and cappuccino - Lavazza
ECL 101 - Lavazza

100 Bourbon barley capsules compatible ESPRESSO POINT [€ 0.14 / capsule]

Unit cost