Ginseng as a drink has been spreading in Italy for a few years, initially spread only in the East.

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Ginseng has many therapeutic advantages and benefits for our body:
• Natural energizer
• Anti-stress
• Boosts immune defenses
• Helps blood circulation
• Stimulates concentration
• Helps digestion

For all these reasons, Caffè Borbone has decided to dedicate a production line of soluble products to Ginseng coffee.
Our line of ginseng coffee gives the right boost to face periods of heavy work or school stress and is suitable for a wellness break to be enjoyed at any time of the day.
sugar, lactose, skimmed milk powder, instant coffee (10%), ginseng powder (0.3%), flavorings, gluten-free

Milk and dairy products and soy

Capsule for 40-50 cc of water

Conservation and durability:
24 months in original packaging and in normal storage conditions


Compatible machines:

Ep lavazza mini
Kelly - Agostani
Como cup - Agostani
Little - Agostani
Maya - Agostani
Ep 2100 - Lavazza
El 3200 - Lavazza
Inox - Lavazza
Capsy SLG

LB1000 - Lavazza
Extra - Saeco
Ep850 - Lavazza
Lb 850 - Lavazza
Piccina - Saeco
Ep800 - Lavazza
Ep950 - Lavazza
Espresso and cappuccino - Lavazza
ECL 101 - Lavazza

50 Bourbon ginseng compatible coffee capsules ESPRESSO POINT [0,14 € / capsule]

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